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When Customer Experience is the way to differentiate and complexity stands your way, we are here to assist!

Industries Served

Our Expertise & Experience lies across a plethora of Industry verticals..


Delight your customers with a heart-winning Experience through Reciproci Retail Suite

All About Experiences!

Build cross channel experience through an Omnichannel program. Don’t, just identify your customers as they walk in your store, but also acknowledge their Likes and Dislikes!

Acquire And Engage

Excite your customers with personalized offers and recommendations at the right time, through right channel.

Customer Insights

Show love to your best customers by equipping your store staff with actionable customer insights with AI driven retail analytics solutions

On-Demand Stylist

Go an extra mile to serve your customers in their experience journey by assigning them an On-demand stylist. Help them raise their Fashion Quotient and your Customer Experience Quotient!

Food and Beverage

Win your customers beyond serving delicious delicacies. Serve them Experiences!

Personalized Engagement

Build a 1:1 relationship with your customers. Use our powerful and flexible Campaign Manager, designed to create mirco-segments and custom coupons to treat your customers.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Move beyond traditional loyalty of rewarding your customers with just loyalty points against spends. Use the power of gamification mechanics to Acquire, Retain and Reward your Millennial Customers. Set milestones, reward achievements and achieve viral campaigns using our gaming library.

Engagement through Gamification

Set milestones and provide instant gratification on your customers’ achievements. Deploy the mechanics of gamification to Engage, Retain and Reward your brand advocates.

Actionable Customer Insights

Strengthen your marketing efforts by obtaining access to drill down campaign and loyalty reports. Convert your business goals into reality through incremental revenue, repeat customers, higher NPS score, improved lifetime value of customers and all good things!

Easy Ordering

Stay in tune with changing customer attitudes towards ordering-in or click-and-pick. Our advanced order management system, which includes comprehensive e-commerce capability and delivery tracking, helps you surpass the experience standards set by food-tech companies!


Deliver an exemplary customer experience and build a one-to-one relationship with your customers.

Embedded Affiliates

Acquire, Engage, Monetize and Retain your customers through a network of affiliates. On-board new merchants across categories; viz, Hotels, Airlines, Retail, Fashion, eCommerce and more.

Co-Branded Merchants

Design and deploy your loyalty programs by extending to Co-branded merchant partnerships.

Deep Customer Insights

Slice and dice your customers’ transactional data to identify the trends. Hop on the opportunities to Cross sell and Up-sell to your customers based on the segments to which they belong.


Redefine the Customer Experience at your Shopping Mall through Reciproci’s Product Suite pre-packaged exclusively for Malls

Experience Center

Convert your shopping center into an experience center through hyper-localized experiences for your customers

Personalized Engagement

Unleash the power of Proximity Marketing through relevant and targeted offers for different customer segments. Drive engagement through virtual experiences embedded with gamification mechanics

Tenant Management

Let your tenants stitch the story of an Experience Center. Bring them together through our Tenant management system, design stacked programs for multiple brands and spread the joy of shopping to your customers


Create the perfect companion for your customers through Reciproci’s pre-packaged hospitality suite

Embedded Affiliates

Acquire, Engage, Monetize and Retain your customers through a network of affiliates. On-board new merchants across categories; viz, Hotels, Airlines, Buses, Trains, Car Rentals and more.

Costumer Support

Pass on the troubles of solving your customer complaints & queries to our AI driven product suite. Be assured to get their concerns addressed and resolved through our platform.

Manage Campaigns

Create targeted campaigns and offers through our campaign management engine exclusively for your specific set of customer segments. Elevate your business with higher personalization, hospitality and delight!

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