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Inviting 12 more enterprises to cross the Digital Chasm through ``Experience Commerce``

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Reciproci is a bootstrapped product company that has been seeded and driven by renowned corporate leaders with a successful track record of creating growth companies. The core team today has 42 hard core believers committed to creating solutions for the new marketing battlefront- Customer Experience. Over 500 man years of R&D and product development effort has been poured into the vision to provide “Traditional Businesses” a digital omnichannel edge over their “Born-Digital” rivals.

With “Experience Commerce” as its tagline, we have built a SaaS product – Reciproci; an offering for Retailers of goods, information and money around Customer Experience. It maps the customer journey, all the touchpoints a customer interacts with, and the environments in which the customer experiences their interactions.

The product uses a combination of exponential technologies like Machine Learning, Internet of Things (Beacons) and Mobile computing to match or exceed the customer expectations all through its interactions with the business to help retailers use Customer Experience as differentiator in their business, which translates to more revenues per customer per interaction!

The product has compelling value proposition for Fashion Retailers, F&B companies and Franchisees, Appliances and Consumer Electronics and the Hospitality industry. Deep connect is built with the customer through gamification, hyper-proximity marketing and omnichannel engagement on a highly innovative loyalty platform.

The product has been validated across the world with successful deployments in Middle East Asia, South East Asia and India. Encouraged by the success, expansion of footprint to Europe and USA is afoot now.

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