Explore the Features of Reciproci

Loyality Program Management

Loyalty Manager:

Our platform offers a robust loyalty engine that allows you to create any type of loyalty program. Feel free to set up a paid, unpaid or membership programs.

Customer Tiering:

The platform supports a maximum of 5 customer tiers for your tier-based loyalty programs. Define tiers and quickly go live with your program.

Setup Business Rules:

Create accrual and redemption rules associated with the loyalty programs. Entice your customers with rewarding redemption rules, customers love to have a plethora of options for redeeming their loyalty points. Reward your customers for referrals, social activities, pre-booked appointments and purchases and more. Grow your business, while your customers feel rewarded and loved!

Manage Multi-Country & Language:

Our platform solves your hassle of running the program across different locations. Manage one or more locations easily within a few clicks. The platform allows you to do all this, with real-time access to data. Manage customer memberships centrally and share customer data across all centers seamlessly.

Multi Brand Support:

Do you own multiple brands? We got you covered, our robust tool allows you to run your program not only across geographies but across multiple brands. Setup your program in a few clicks and you go to go-live!

Stores Management

Stores Setup:

Create your stores and feed in the basic details related to the store. Add your store amenities, Product Catalogue details and much more. Receive orders for “click and deliver”, fire promotions locally from stores and capture customer journey details through hyper-proximity.

Manage Store Staff:

Assign your respective store staff to a designated store for ease of operations.

Manage Beacons:

Prepare your stores to drive customer engagement and improved experience by configuring “Beacons”. Utilize the benefits of Proximity Marketing and push out real-time offers to the customers who come near your store. More delight … More Conversions.

Marketing Management


our segmentation engine allows you to create micro-segments of your customers. This enables you to push out offers to the niche segments of your customers with highly targeted offers. Personalization at its best!

Create Messaging Templates:

Once the campaign and customer segments are defined, select from our library of pre-packaged templates to quickly run your campaign. The platform enables us to shoot out campaigns across email, SMS and in-app notifications.

Personalize your messaging:

The messaging templates also allow you to personalize your communication based on customer name and other important attributes. Personalized offers and packages for clients based on their history. Bundle multiple services and sell as a package to loyal customers.

Coupons Manager:

The coupon manager comes out of the box with a set of pre-defined. Select from among the best which suits your business and campaign type. No hassles, we got you covered!

Notifications Manager:

Stay connected to your customers will timely notifications related to your discounts seasons, birthdays, anniversaries and what not! Simple select the activity, choose the mode of communication and push out the notifications to your customers

Campaigns Scheduler:

Need to run campaigns on a specified date and time? Feel free to schedule your campaigns for a future date by scheduling them well in advance.

The network of Affiliates:

Our platform allows you to create and run an affiliate program across industries.

Reporting & Analytics


Get an overview of how your business is doing at the click of a button. Measure your reports for customer analytics, campaign analytics, store analytics, and your customer metrics. Study your reports to check on your customer retention, referrals, staff productivity, and sales benchmarks to take actions

Customer Analytics:

Get a 360 Degree View of Your Customers. Customer Experience is all about enhancing their experience at each stage where they interact with your brand. Enhance your relationships with your customers by obtaining valuable insights as to their activities.

Business Intelligence:

Get actionable insights from your customers as well as standard dashboards. Use these to take the corrective measures and keep enhancing your customer’s experience, every day, at every touchpoint.

User Manager

Grant Roles and Permissions for your business:

A role is a set of permissions defined for the entire Reciproci system that certain “Users” (Admin / Manager) can assign to specific users in specific contexts. The combination of roles and context define a specific user’s ability to perform certain tasks or view a certain or a group of data set within the system.

The system permits certain “Users” (Admin / Manager) who are attributed with required permission to create users and assign roles to them. These allow the new uservarious umbrella or custom permissions to perform and view certain tasks, reports and data desired of their profile.

Modify Users as per the changing business requirements:

The “Users” with certain permissions can view all or certain specific groups of users as ascertained by the Admin / Manager User. The users with these privileges can also View the attributes of roles and permissions associated with other Users falling under their purview.
The “Users” with Admin / Manager attributes can Edit / Delete roles and permissions previously assigned to Users coming under their insight and may grant or revoke permissions and accesses to them within the discretion of the operating organizational policies. They may also transfer users from one group to the other or add them to extra groups. They may also delete a user from a certain group.

Menu Manager

Add unlimited Variants/Categories/Products:

Manage menu items through a centralized system by creating variants and categories and allocate them at outlet-level. This Reciproci module assists the Admin Users / Managers to create / add Products, Categories and Variants while providing a provision to define price, delivery charges, creating + managing store lists, item descriptions, images etc. to the effect that the customer can customize the product while placing an order and can choose from a variety of options + add ons.
Experience an enhanced navigation tool for searching specific items & view the insights of the selected Menu items. Refine the data through Filter options like category, product type, online/offline status, etc.

Modify your menu on the go:
Implement a seamless update of the existing menu items by editing their attributes. The products can also be assigned to multiple stores and store lists can be edited as per requirement and brand standards.

Create Add-ons:
Reciproci allows personal customizations to be added to a product, add-ons feature enables adding that extra spice to the menu navigation experience. A popular choice among most modern users, these add-ons can be added in a few clicks at a certain price.

Offer Combos:
Design a compelling value proposition for the customers by aggregating a combination of products and use this Reciproci module to create fixed combos or customized combos. You can also see the list of all the previously created combos (live / offline) or create a new Combo menu as per requirement.

Order Manager

New Order Tracking:

Reciproci provides an end-to-end flow for all the new orders coming your way. The store has the authority to accept or reject the orders as per the availability of the products. This then gets passed on to the kitchen where order can be marked ready for delivery/pick-up and gives a heads up to the store staff to mark the order as ready to be picked up by customers or delivery personnels.

Live Order Tracking:

Provides a full view of all order statuses in a single view and gives you the freedom to observe the order progression in its various states like order initiated, order confirmed, order ready, etc.

Scheduled Order Management:

The customers can schedule their orders on the app on certain days prior (as per the Business Rule) to the delivery date which can be managed through Reciproci Scheduled Order Manager where you can view the order details, scheduled date and time. You can also cancel the order from here anytime or add footnotes to the order.

Transaction Manager:

Using this Reciproci module you can manage all the transactions that occur on the app or the webapp. You can track orders, initiate refunds, attach coupons and view the feedback provided by the end customer.

Feedback & Enquiry Manager:

All the customer concerns and feedback can be managed here. You can assign a particular enquiry to the person concerned and move it to a resolved state once the query is attended to. Footnotes can be added for the benefit of internal review. Messages can also be sent to concerned customers updating them about the status of their enquiry tickets right from the Admin panel.

Cart Configuration:

All the Reciproci cart instructions can be viewed and updated from here.The instructions can be either for Delivery Partners or the serving Store. You can also configure the incentive that can be awarded to the Delivery Partners per order for uplifting their morale and performance.

Feedback Manager

Flow Management:

Helps in Creating and Managing feedback flows for delivery, curbside pickup, or contactless dine-in experiences for the end customer to understand, analyze and action the Voice of Customers. Insights can be used to scale our products as per demand and provides the freedom to select from a wide variety of feedback flow options, ranging from a plain text to capturing sentiments and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Voice of Customer:

This Reciproci’s independent module provides a clear understanding of all the feedback provided by the customers, who have used your products. You can also respond to your customer feedback right from the Admin panel on the go by viewing, analyzing, resolving and communicating the resolution comments/footnotes can also be added for internal reference and action.

Member Manager

Search and View Customer Enquiries:

Bridging the gap between you and your customers, this Reciproci module allows you to view various types of enquiries and allows you to take follow up actions through representative responses, which can be added in real time. You may also resolve enquiries faster by carrying out a specific parametric search for an enquiry.

Manage Transaction Requests:

Search or view transaction requests generated by your loyalty members and take the appropriate action corresponding to each request by marking them as valid/invalid. Use Reciproci’s advanced parametric search to identify all invalid transactions or to view details of those particular transactions.

Review Customer Profiles:

Scan the list of existing customers and view details like basic profile, customer transactions, loyalty points balance (earn & burn), enquiries raised, resolutions provided, Coupon awarded, etc. This Reciproci module helps in manually facilitating and updating changes to a particular customer profile.