Clienteling is the World of Contactless Commerce

Time was, is, and will be of utmost importance for every individual, since the time truly is finite. Society has always grown and tried to save time wherever possible. Humans have engineered the complex and beautiful art of machinery with the purpose to save time. In the 21st century, we have made the world a bit closer thanks to the internet. It has changed the way a lot of industries have worked.

Today, millennials look at their screens first for answers to any problem they have. This habit has been wired into us and is being hard-wired into the forthcoming generations. This brings us to opportunities. Getting clients from the internet may soon completely take over the old school ways. A client may not remember the last billboard they saw but they might remember the ad they saw whilst browsing through memes on Instagram.
Covid-19 has brought down some industries to its knees, one of them being the F&B industry. Restaurants and bars were booming before December 2019 but unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. Although, the same can not be said for grocery stores. We see shelves being empty and items being out of stock due to panic-induced shopping. Another stab to the F&B industry post-COVID-19 is the rising sense of hygiene in customers. People are staying away from restaurants because they are not confident with the supply chain of said dish. Where does the meat come from? Are the kitchen and chef sanitized? Etc. Even when COVID 19 is under control, the food industry has to earn back the trust of the fearful and guarded customers.

  • In a study conducted in Australia, 80% say their preference for local brands has increased since the outbreak of Covid-19. Restaurants might have to also include self-checkouts in their businesses to reduce the number of variables for transmission. Dine-in restaurants might be on the decline if they don’t adapt fast, but online food delivery has been on the rise.
  • A survey done in Asia shows that across countries, the frequency and share of online spending on food have increased by between 16 to even 70% in some cases.
  • In Indonesia, 40% claim that they will prefer and use a self-checkout rather than assistance from the staff.
  • 62% of consumers expect to increase their use of touchless technologies to avoid interactions that require physical contact once this crisis subsides


What we need is a true contactless yet fast and efficient experience. Fast because, the less time is wasted on formalities and prepping, the less time a person is exposed to the outside world hence lower probability to catch an infection. Reciproci already has a contactless dine in as well as a contact less takeaway suite. Why can’t we add the two and make a personalized experience for the customers.
For instance, the customer can give an ETA to the restaurant and also give (if they wish) the time at which they want their food on the table. This will also help the food industry to get more customers by scheduling them within a timetable and reduce the waiting time that restaurants have. From deciding where to go, to deciding when to leave all under one umbrella. Food businesses can also benefit from this since it will give them time to prepare the table to the hygiene standards.
Customers can also be provided the name of the chef who is preparing the food or even the supply chain of the food. We can also provide a portfolio of available chefs with their personal style of cooking, their specialisation and what to expect from the chef and leave it to the first time customer to take a leap of faith and choose one chef. We will ease the process by having a small quiz which will try to determine what style of cooking or chef suits best for the customer. We will also recommend the customer a chef to try, judging by their past history. This feature will be used as a pop up advertisement for restaurants, where a notification pops on the customer’s device advicing/recommending them to a certain chef in their vicinity. Clubbing these features with the tried and tested first time customer discounts and reward point offers will help a business to build the clientele they seek. This takes out the fear of the unknown and gives the customer a personal sense of trust. Clienting can be amplified by word of mouth when recommending a business or in this case a chef wouldn’t just give the first time customer some offers but also thank the customer for recommending the chef by giving them either points or offers that they will materialise and/or use. More often than not, humans don’t like to reinvent the wheel and accept change so easily. By using this train of thought, we will increase the clientele of a business by providing the customer a chef he is comfortable with and enjoys the food of. The restaurant will be selling and marketing not just their food and brand but also their cooks, chefs and their supply chain.
Consumers are more likely to trust restaurants that are transparent about their sanitization standards. Consumers are filtering restaurants with a hygiene rating on the app and those with a strong hygiene rating see about 20-25% increase in visibility and orders. Initiatives like these are appreciated by customers and give them the confidence to come back.

  • Put up videos that show how you package everything, bring it out to the car and put the package where the guests ask you to.
  • Add a QR Code on the food package that says “Scan to view our safety standards”.
  • Share updates on new implementations, like whether you’ve established a dedicated team to focus on food safety. Other examples may include applying more stringent cleaning procedures, increasing the frequency of hand-washing among staff, and updating training materials for employees.
  • To battle the concerns consumers have, restaurants have to take additional steps to make them feel safe. To assure that no one around is carrying COVID symptoms, one of the easiest ways is to screen everyone at entry points. It could be done by using thermal scanners, cameras, or a basic online form declaring their health conditions and travel history.

Since every smartphone now features a notification tab that is dynamic. We will offer a feature where customers can swipe down, and order the food they want without ever leaving the screen. The businesses will have templates ready for the app stores for the foods the customers frequently order. With the template feature the customer can order their morning coffees or the staple lunch without going through the entire process again.
The trend of people cooking at home is likely to continue post-lockdown. Introduce the concept of selling DIY(Do it yourself) meal kits that allow consumers to craft their own restaurant-quality meals right from their homes. The DIY kit will contain all the ingredients required to prepare a particular dish along with a personalized note from the chef that gives cooking instructions. Even better would be to place a QR Code on the package to point to the chef’s step-by-step cooking video! This doesn’t replicate the experience of dining in a restaurant, but it does offer an appealing alternative.
Restaurants can bring the experience of new cuisine to the public’s home by offering a series of virtual cooking classes to fill this need and to get people interacting with their brand. Although this may not be an instant revenue stream, this can help protect their brand by continuing to offer that connection while people are home. Sharing recipes will not only remind people of the brand’s care, but also that they aren’t going anywhere. If they attempt a few of your recipes at home, they’ll still be eager to come in for the full experience as soon as they can.
We will also provide an ‘always-on’ feature where the app is running in the background and the customer will order their preferred food items by just swiping away. This will help for advertisements. For instance, on instagram an advertisement has a ‘follow’ link such as “shop now” where we are taken to their website store to buy the product. To capture online leads, when a customer sees an advertisement about a restaurant or cafe they will tap on the advertisement which will either lead to a drop down menu from the notification bar itself or be redirected to the app. The former will give the ability to not leave an app and order at the same time. Reciproci will provide a quick, easy and convenient way to order without any hassles.
Reciproci will give a customer the complete BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) experience, without switching many apps. As stated above, the customer will order their favourite dish, from their favourite chef/restaurant and give a time of preference for the pick up. Now we will ask the customer their mode of transportation they are going to use for the pickup. Let say, the customer will drive from their home to the restaurant for the pick up. The app will automatically give a notification on when they should leave keeping traffic and other variables in mind. The systematic flow of the entire process will make sure that the customer doesn’t have to wait for long, hence exposing them to other elements they don’t wish to be exposed to and also not be late, keeping the food fresh and hot since the food won’t be sitting on the shelf for long because of the punctuality and guidance of the app.

To make the entire experience contact less the business will have a self identification feature. At a marked BOPIS zone the business can print out a unique QR code and the customer’s name or unique ID (which the app will provide) for every order. When the customer reaches the restaurant and walks up to the designated BOPIS pick up area they don’t have to ask which pick up bag is theirs. They can use the app and scan the QR code and pick up their food. The app will cross check the QR code, so that a false order doesn’t go to the customer. As soon as they scan the QR code and get verified, the business will also get a notification that a pick up has been done by the customer.
COVID-19 has shaken up the world as we know it. Our lifestyle has been uprooted and now we as a society have to learn and adapt to live with COVID-19 or the aftermath of it at the very least. By streamlining the process on how a customer orders food for pick up we make the entire process more efficient and much more satisfying without the hassles of switching apps. It is a one stop complete system that helps you to get information you need, discover new diners or new chefs from your favourite diners, plan your entire pick up process and all of this whilst being as hygienic and contact free as possible.