Delivery Partner’s App

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With an astute focus on “Delivering Smarter and Delivering Better” Reciproci has redefined the delivery management space by allowing business to keep track of delivery operations.

With Reciproci’s delivery app, a rider can

  • receive orders
  • accept/reject orders for delivery
  • access customer details and
  • contact customers for a seamless delivery experience

The riders have to be logged in the Delivery Partner’s app to view orders posted for deliveries, check order and address details and then accept/reject orders.
A notification is sent to rider once Food is ready for delivery and rider can then mark “Order picked” after receiving it from the store.

The rider then navigates to the Order tracking page. This page displays a map view with two pointers (Origin and destination with their names, path highlighted and vehicle icon according to current location of food)
On the Order tracking page, the rider can also view the Name of the customer and his mobile number and delivery address. The rider can click on the call button to invoke the Caller app to initiate calls with Customer to help for delivery. The customer’s mobile number and call button are visible until the Delivery is fulfilled. A click on button “Order Delivered” will mark delivery as completed.
The data available from the delivery app is also visualized in the form of reports for analysis purposes.