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Restaurants need #OrderDirect to reclaim financial health

There is a tremendous surge in the unhappy sentiments of Restaurant Owners as Swiggy, Zomato and other Food Delivery Partners take a major lion’s share of their profits. Plus they have to honour weird discounting practices including coupons etc from these Food delivery Partners.

They have been hit to such an extent that they are now opting for Order Direct, where they wish to have their own unique customized apps and delivery fleet to take away the hit from the bottom line.

Why this change in Paradigm? More Importantly Why NOW?

NRAI (National Restaurant of Association of India) puts OrderDirect into action so members can recontrol order aggregation and delivery. They also represented two major integrators on behalf of the Indian Competition Commission in response to the ongoing research of regulators on e-commerce ecosystems.

The message of NRAI of the member restaurants is big and clear. “Connect directly with your customers to improve your bottom line.”

When the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI) flagged a rebellion of food service integrators (FSA) “strict discount practices” in August 2020, the association’s leaders chose to explain “digital landlords”.

The #Logout movement was just the beginning of reimagining the relationship between restaurants and FSA (i.e. Zomato and Swiggy). Last May’ 20, a campaign led by NRAI to launch a technology-supporting

OrderDirect movement led restaurant industry groups to continue research into e-commerce ecosystems initiated by the Indian Competition Commission (CCI).

  • The main complaints were:FSA charges fees in the range of 25-35% of the 2020-21 order amount and has never been interrupted since then.
  • The NRAI asserts that there are “many instances of delays” in FSA payments, which “affected partners’ cash flow.”
  • The FSA is “Enforce Restaurant Partner Discounts” to ensure good visibility across two major aggregator platforms. These discounts add another cost burden to the restaurant.
  • According to the NRAI, the FSA is threatening to exclude restaurants if they do not maintain price equality.


After the NRAI submitted its original memorandum on July 1, 2021, it responded to Zomato’s explanation that the restaurant industry group’s move was “wrong” and also presented more than 200.

Media commentators immediately pointed out how the timing of the NRAI move coincided with preparations at ZomatoIPO, which turned out to be a record listing. Has the Zomato IPO’s jackpot changed NRAI’s stance?

NRAI President Anurag Katriar answered “no” to this question. “We are not against e-commerce. It remains here. What we need is a healthier ecosystem. Businesses that don’t make money for all stakeholders are inherently flawed. “Cartria said.

Cartria argued that “the state of war between the two countries must always be the same”, allowing the FSA to carry out its “very harmful and predatory trading practices” mission. Katriar’s NRAI companion, Mumbai Chapter Head Pranav Rungta, said it has been a “Davidversus Goliath Battle” since Zomato’s Rs 9,375crore blockbuster IPO. Before the IPO was opened for application, Swiggy raised $ 1.25 billion from SoftBank Vision Fund II and existing investors Prosus (formerly Naspers), Accel and Wellington Management, the largest since its inception. Fundraising round was held.

Rungta said NRAI representatives agree with similar moves by Amazon and Flipkart’s All India Traders Association (CAIT) and Hotel Room Integrator OYO’s FHRAI (Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Associations of India). “We are confident that CCI will begin investigating Zomato and Swiggy’s unfair trade practices,” added Rungta. Against Biggutsu and united, NRAI soon gathered support from Tane, Pune, and Vadodara Restaurant Association. And soon the FHRAI was added, Gurbaxish Singh Kohli, the country’s vice president, made it clear that the FSA is essentially “a market and/or service provider similar to travel agencies and discovery platforms like Yellow Pages.”

Corey added: “Their role is simply to unify the services of the industry. They do not represent the hotel and catering industries. Therefore, they cannot determine or dictate the terms of commerce on behalf of the industry.” It’s ‘hardened the belief’ that it needs to recover. The food service industry’s unprecedented ‘declaration of independence’ came when it was struggling with the effects of its first national lockdown erosion.

Emerging from the first wave of the Covid19 pandemic and leading to a few small concessions from the FSA. Once food delivery has positioned itself as a viable vertical, NRAI’s leadership has begun working on #OrderDirect to help manage customer data that the FSA still refuses to share, allowing restaurants to take back and pay 25-30% commissions. The association has made great strides.

Origin of ORDER DIRECT MOVEMENT Riyaaz Amlani, former NRAI Chairman, clearly explained the benefits of #OrderDirect as follows: Those who like what you do should order directly! Let people find you on the search platform.
Direct order is the future! Let’s go back to the future! Most benefit from the small independent restaurant #OrderDirect!

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