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Reciproci leverages the A.R.E.M. (Acquisition, Retention, Engagement & Monetization) Framework, and makes the use of Gamification mechanics for each of the A.R.E.M paradigms.

Gamification is all about applying gaming elements into a non-gaming context, in order to drive motivation for certain activities; as according to a recent research: using Gamification Mechanics in your day to day customer facing processes and operations may increase the motivation by 48%.

Reciproci’s Gamification feature helps in increasing the frequency of brand engagement, creating a smooth omnichannel experience and increasing brand loyalty through rewards and recognitions.

Reciproci believes that Gamification is an incredible asset to drive customer engagement. All things considered, you use it to infuse fun components into applications and frameworks that may some way or another need urgency or significance for customers.

When a business does this right, they boost customers’ motivation to accomplish objectives and assist them with defeating negative affiliations they may have with the system and tasks it requires them to finish.