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Integrating games with Reciproci helps a business to get to its non-members in a fun and rewarding way by attaching coupons for them to play, register & earn. These coupons are then redeemable at POS or the app, thus, inducing trials & increasing the revisits to the store, outlets or venues. It also helps your brand to be marketed as a fun, technologically able brand for the new age of tech-savvy millennials & gen Zs.

Adding gaming to your businesses marketing strategy increases your brand engagement to an extent. Just like M&M’s boosted its user engagement by getting over 25000 new likes on its Facebook page with 6000 shares and 10000 comments, just by adding a miniscule game to its massive marketing campaign.

Gaming helps in building up a brand community by letting the customers compete against each other to get the top position on the leaderboard. Nike leveraged this opportunity and launched a campaign called NikeFuel to motivate its Nike+ community to continue being active and share results on social media to increase the brand’s visibility.