It All Starts On The Mobile

Elevating the Drive Through Customer Experience

The mobile app is the first stop in the consumer’s shopping journey. It forms a very important part of the order entry process. It plays a crucial role in consumer facing marketing campaigns where B2C marketers are investing in mobile first hardware and software solutions to reach consumers at all touchpoints

The mobile dilemma – retention on the app at the end of 30 days is less than 8% making it very expensive and very difficult for merchants to engage with app users.

Reciproci helps e-commerce companies maximize the mobile first customer journey with a technology stack designed to help you acquire new mobile customers, engage new mobile customers, retain mobile customers and generate more revenue. We use loyalty, gamification, order on mobile, rewards, e-wallets and gift cards in unique ways to help you:

1. Increase and retain your install base

2. Engage your customers

3. Create new data points

4. Upsell your customers

5. Drive revenue

6. Expand the lifetime value of your customers

7. Reduce marketing expenses and generate income