Loyalty 4.0

Loyalty 4.0 is the new paradigm of loyalty programs. It professes a shift from rewarding on basis of transactions to a more engaging and experiential approach. Reciproci powered loyalty programs include gamification mechanics like tasks, levels, leader-boards and dole out rewards in points or experiences thus rendering an authentically engaging reward system.

Gamification is the backbone of loyalty 4.0, making it efficiently effective and most importantly professes the App First (where your customers are) approach. This makes the loyalty program conveniently engaging, exciting and scalable.
It costs businesses a lot to incentivize discounts, financial modes & perks etc. for rewarding. It is the main reason that businesses today are considering alternatives that are affordable while being super effective and engaging.

Gamification (implementing game-like elements into a non-game context) features takes the game up, and is actually more effective and appeals to the competitive side of a customer’s persona! A simple animation of digital balloons bursting and digital ribbons flying to mark an achievement, though not costing much to the company, is very motivating for the engaged customer.

It inspires a very human and strong sense of inherent stimulus (on complex goals like personal growth, purpose, and fun) that compels users to participate and engage in your app.

Thus loyalty 4.0 is all about designing your app with fun and scalability in mind. It is very important to visualize and cementing your app’s future and an immaculate strategy is a prerequisite for that and user experience is the core, other salient points include:

  • An in-app currency that incentivizes green mobility
  • Challenges that guarantee the experience is fresh and exciting
  • Levels depicting user’s progress and skills
  • Leader-boards that rank and applaud user’s performance within the community
  • Loyalty is the end goal of every customer journey

This is crucial because we live in an ever changing world, and in this day and age the rules are governed by the expectations of Gen Z, who spend more time on mobile than other generations, gets bored too soon and expects fun interactions, instant rewards, quick gratification and seamless engagement from loyalty programs. 


Reciproci’s Loyalty 4.0 is sophisticated marketing brain box that helps you Grow, Engage & Retain your consumer base. It assists you in building digitally dynamic customer segments with all their important and relevant information (Progressive Personas) for your targeted marketing campaigns, thus expanding the Lifetime Value of your customers.

Loyalty 4.0 starts with the User Experience (UX) where it becomes necessary for marketers to create and publish continuously changing personalized interactive experiences that are:

  • Fun to use, &
  • Delivers Value to your customers.

In today’s world the shopping journey starts with mobile and migrates to other touch points. Reciproci and its award winning sister company NUKEBOX STUDIOS are creative Mobile First, digital storytellers.

We know how to captivate digital audiences. We know what it takes to engage consumers, bringing them back, hungry for more.

Additionally, Reciproci is an award winning e-commerce Software Company.  We have a future proof Technology Stack to help you manage the front end.

Welcome to Loyalty 4.0talk to us if you are interested or have some queries!