Creating Traffic: Moving Your Customers From Brand To Brand

Creating Traffic

Installation and retention are major problems for portfolio companies who need to reach as many customers as possible. So, why not expand your reach by making everything available on one site, a marketplace for your brands.


Aggregate your brands. Follow Amazon’s success and build out a marketplace to expand each brand’s reach. Create traffic by cross promoting from brand to brand within the app. Use loyalty and gamification to keep your customers engaged.

We have the technology to help you link all your brands on one app and provide a plethora of options for app users to choose from. Aid them in planning their entire day and keep them engaged through gamification, loyalty 3.0, hyper – personalization, clienteling and build an experiential journey for your customers. Send out campaigns based on their in-app purchases and activities.

If the business is able to recognize the customers individually and understand their purpose, it will then be able to send them special personalized and time-sensitive offers and discounts along their customer journey, which meets or exceeds their aspirations. This experience will become a delight as they received specific offers at the exact moment of truth that mattered.

The real success metrics of business performance today are based on Customer Satisfaction, Engagement and Experience Per Square Foot as the Reciproci’s program is Omnichannel or Phygital (includes Physical and Digital Worlds).

This seamless and connected experience throughout the Customer journey bowls the customers over.

They will come back, hungry for more!