Phygital: A Billion Dollar Question

Is your online presence trying to cannibalize your offline stores? Even worse would be your digital invisibility! A simple solution that has evolved into a “Proven Solution” is the merging of the duo.

The concept of going Phygital, allows growth oriented companies to combine the pluses of Physical Outlets with the Charms and Advantages of an online business thus leveraging and complementing one another. This Out of the Box approach of changing the environment also aids in the enhancement of the Customer Experience assortment.

A perfect example for this would be the Nordstrom Men’s Store in Manhattan, that lets shoppers use an app to select what they would like to try on before their arrival at the store, so that their chosen apparel awaits at the trial room.

Ever wondered how? The Phygital model helps the business in getting details about the customers, and their Buying Behaviour in an easy, efficient and a non intrusive manner, thus facilitating, easing and decluttering the process of Knowing Your Customers (KYC).

Through the Phygital model we can see the mettle of both the online and offline paradigms at work with great confluence. While they compliment each other rather than hi jacking each other’s thunder. Phygital model helps the business pre anticipate and thus enhance the overall Customer Journey throughout their shopping. The interpersonal interactions between the customer and the store are deemed very critical while considering the fact that 22% of consumers still exercise their business at the brick-and-mortar store. Hence, through the Phygital approach the business in question, can set out for Own Your Community (OYC), by catering to their overall needs, adhering to their interests, aligning business strategies with their life goals the business build a strong and loyal community of Brand Ambassadors that double up as a deterrent to customer exits.

A good example could be an athleisure brand that has modeled its brand community around empowering its community members to lead a healthy, productive and an active lifestyle. At all their Yoga gatherings, community members can sweat, meditate, and retreat together from the chaos of everyday life. Sandra would get to experience and participate in all the sporting activities, connect with your brand, and build strong relations with the other members of the community without any second thoughts.

Similarly, Baby Tula, a provider of baby carrier products, has created a parenting community. Having devised a value-add marketing strategy with different types of content, they’ve become a go-to destination regarding any info about baby carriers and baby-wear culture. They’ve made it possible for their regular customers and prospects, to book a private video chat with one of their baby-wear champions. This helps to make sure that both the customers and their babies are safe and comfortable.

Baby Tula also runs a referral and rewards program, that rewards their happy customers for sharing the brand anecdotes with their friend, mainly over the social media channels. This makes it beneficial and encouraging for the customers to leave product reviews, use a unique referral link, or share the Baby Tula brand online or through the word of mouth.


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