Snowballing The Mobile Customer Experience

In this day and age, mobile phones are an essential part, part of the anatomy of everyone’s everyday lives. Hardly any person leaves home without them. So it is safe to state that at any given point of time, many of your customers are definitely on mobile, and more importantly you should too, as a business, be where your customers are!…. Are You?

“A good design shows respect for your customer and you’re either respectful of their time or respectful of what it is that they desire, and so it makes it a very fundamental element to everything that you do.”– Penny Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer at Hootsuite

Mobile Apps allow for a richerdeeper, and more personal customer experience, and puts your business on the global playground. It gives an upper hand to the business’ that understands that their customers don’t want to be bombarded with unsolicited messages and now desired notifications, but they do want to be kept in the loop, and this is very tricky as there is a very fine line between the two. Just one proactiverelevant and time-sensitive message can teleport an unsatisfied/disgruntled customer to a star-struck loyal fan, the one that will Influence all the “INFLUENCE” in their purview, about you!

Mobiles today are used to inform, entice and engage customers throughout (before, during and after) their journey, and as a channel for transactions, as well as to ask for and receive customer feedback.

“The mobile channel is emerging as the consumers’ primary choice for all possible service activity.”–  Michael Maoz, Vice President, Gartner Research

The mobile platform allows customers to act at the point of impulse. This becomes the quickest and surest way for anyone to react to any call to action today. As mobile has matured into one of the most important channels for consumer and retailer handshakes and interactions, customers have become extremely picky about the apps they use and will quickly delete an app that doesn’t meet their needs and yield immediate value.

Reciproci provides customers with something above “the daily and routine”, really beyond what they would otherwise get from just walking into a physical store. This means #Reciproci is imagined in a way that has been validated to explicitly be both useful and engaging + profitable to the user and business alike.

Fortunately, building an app that meets & exceeds these criteria, in the passing of time seemed both extremely expensive and time-consuming, till the time “we” invested primarily our know-how & consumer intellect, to bridge the gap between the retailer and the consumer.

A high level of creativity and a clear value proposition is required to create a truly beneficial app — hence the relative scarcity of quality apps, that are not uninstalled by the users within 15 days!

Some well-researched grey areas are:

  1. Too much business centricity
  2. The why? Specific points often remain unanswered
  3. Do you need an app, a mobile site or a hybrid variant?
  4. How do customers’ requirements for shop usability and checkout processes change?
  5. What is the cost of acquisition and retaining a customer?
  6. What are your customer messaging and communication plan?

So it becomes very crucial that when you are putting in place your mobile strategy, you have comprehensively thought through the various aspects of :

  1. Understanding and Articulating your (or your customer’s?) Mobility Needs
  2. A strategy is in place that has to buy in of all the stakeholders of your business

What defines a successful mobile app, varies from business to business. Depending on the type of business even the nature of app varies. Having said this, on the whole, there are certain key performance indicators which remain constant howsoever and these are:

  • Retention Rate
  • Churn Rate
  • Daily Active Users
  • Monthly Active Users
  • Daily Sessions
  • Stickiness
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Lifetime Value
  • Revenue Per User
  • Revenue Per Paying User
  • Return on Investment

The above factors are just an indicative measure on the basis of which an app can be classified as a well-performing app.

Data Dictum:


Mobile has become the first Moment of Truth between a brand and consumer – A. G. Lafley, former CEO, P&G

Mobile as an extension, allows consumers to act at the point of impulse. This is the fastest way anyone can react to any call to action or initiate a two or multi-way communication with the business. Mobile allows and leads the way of instant gratification for the customer, thus instilling a sense of belonging within the customer, this, in turn, results in comprehensive brand advocacy by them. This subjects the brand to preferential treatment, and they (the customers) expect the same in return each & every time, always progressively hungry for more!!

Why Enhance Mobile Customer Experience?

Looking at the above-mentioned data inputs it is impending that businesses’ harness this trend and become leaders in adding value to their offerings. While focusing on Mobile Customer Experience the business can look forward to:


And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

“To connect with new customers, don’t try to get inside their heads. Get inside their hearts. Create an emotional connection.” – Bill Quiseng, CEx Expert

Since Customer Experience as a principal and practice is directly related to how your business is perceived by the customer and how this experience affects their behavior and loyalty towards your business, it is very important that proactive steps are taken by you to leverage the Mobile CX approach.

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