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F&B industry is one of the sectors that faced the worst casualties during the coronavirus pandemic.  Recent estimates by the Reserve Bank of India suggest that the economy never be the same again. There will be a forced opt out in the Dining Out Lifestyle. The elasticity in the demand will not recoup for at least a year!.

According to NRAI’s Katriar:

  • About 50% of the restaurants will get shut if the lockdown lasts till May.
  • There are only 5-6 chains of restaurants that have the cash reserves to sustain more than a month(because they never thought of a contingency plan and a buffer reserve, as everything was so hunky dory).

Since most of the restaurants are shut, Swiggy & Zomato have initiated to serve the customers through the Cloud Kitchens because they could, due to the operating procedures of their Business Plan. POSist’s co-founder and CEO Ashish Tulsian believes that Cloud Kitchens are going to be the next big thing to hit the market. A passing fad till something new comes along, and the landscape changes again.

The dine-in method might go on in a recession for sometime and the segment will work solely on the online ordering systems. This is where Reciproci comes in as a game changer creating an ultimate POS for your Cloud Kitchen to help you transition the curve seamlessly and bridge the gap between you and your customers.