Subscription Commerce

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Reciproci understands that the global market size for subscription e-commerce is expected to grow to USD 7.8 billion by 2025. With India experiencing a boom in e-commerce platform usage, subscription services are becoming more and more popular as an element of curating enhanced Customer Experience.

Reciproci Subscription feature fulfills 4 important needs –

  1. Need for replenishment: Saving time & money
  2. Need for curation: Getting surprised by product variety
  3. Need for access: Gaining exclusive access
  4. Predictable Repeat Business: Guarantees revenue flow for foreseeable future aiding planning.

With this Reciproci feature, the subscription can be initiated by choosing products under the menu option by exploring the product category. After the product, the frequency of delivery can be selected, i.e (daily, alternate, once in 3 days, weekly, monthly). The user can also select a time slot and start date while subscribing to a product. Options can be given to pause the subscription service and resume the subscription in case a customer is on a vacation and does not require delivery. For the payment, recharge can be done through the Reciproci wallet on a prepaid basis.

Reciproci Subscription management offers 3 options:?

  1. Modifying a Subscription
  2. Pausing a Subscription
  3. Deleting a subscription

Another important aspect of this feature is enabling auto-renewal of subscriptions using just a toggle key. For products of everyday use, this feature provides a convenient method to start a new subscription right before expiry.

The Reciproci subscription module increases personalization and provides a great end-to-end experience for customers by enabling tangible benefits for a business like low cost for retention, increased loyalty customer base, recurring revenue, upselling and cross selling opportunities, etc.