The BOPIS Customer Journey

The Customer Journey

Making the customer experience seamless and engaging is the key to customer retention. Reciproci provides the end customer with a complete BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) experience.

The customer can order their favourite dish and give a time of preference for the pick up. We will ask the customer the mode of transport they are going to use for the pickup and the app will automatically give a notification on when they should leave keeping traffic and other variables in mind.

The systematic flow of the entire process makes sure that the customer doesn’t have to wait with beacons placed to let the store know about the customer’s arrival. To make the entire journey contactless the business has a self identification feature. At a marked BOPIS zone the business can print out a unique QR code and the customer’s name or unique ID (which is app generated) for every order.

When the customer reaches the restaurant and walks up to the designated BOPIS pick up area they don’t have to ask which pick up bag is theirs. They can use the app and scan the QR code and pick up their food.

The app cross checks the QR code, so that a wrong order doesn’t go to the customer. Immediately as the customer scans the QR code and it gets verified, the business gets a notification that the order has been picked up by the customer.