The Mobile APProach

mobile approach
A study by Bain & Company found that 80 percent of companies surveyed believed that they delivered a “superior experience” to their customers. But, when customers were asked to indicate their perceptions of the experiences they have in dealing with companies, they rated only 8 percent of companies as truly delivering a superior customer experience!

The best way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach! And the best way to reach your customer is through her smartphone!

But everyone knows this! And so, everyone is trying to be on her mobile phone. But she can only stomach a few Apps. So, when incentivized to try a new app, she downloads the new app, but periodically cleans out those which she deems unworthy! Sometimes she downloads an app, uses it once and uninstalls it- Industry calls this App Abandonment, this rate is 79%! If she opened an app once in 7 days, there is a 60% chance it will never be opened again. Most apps lose up to 95% of their daily active users by day 90.

Let’s face it. Customers are savvy, minimally loyal, and dynamic. They will keep you on your toes and demand the moon each time they interact with you. But, once the trust is established between her and your brand, you have got a customer loyal to you, who loves to interact with you. And an App is the best way for a customer to have a meaningful relationship with you.

Is Mobile App-roach Dead?

The richness of data that comes through an App-Relationship can help create micro segments that can reveal motivations and attitudes and signal future behaviours, priorities, and expectations. Truly a Treasure Trove and a Marketer’s Paradise!

Reciproci app-roach
So, at the core of any app, there is much more than a bunch of code, pretty pictures and smooth animation. At the core is sound business practices borne out of deep domain knowledge, strong analytics foundation and interoperable technology frameworks, which support the App! It bundles in consumer behavior, engagement psychology, customer insights and human spirit.

Hence, your App has to do broadly enable you to:


Why these Three things? Because, the first two are the very foundation stones for a great Customer Experience, while the third one is essential for your business which makes THIS EXPERIENCE lead to COMMERCE!

In short- Mobile-APProach is the Strategy!