The Retention Conundrum

The Retention Conundrum

Cost Per Install (CPI) refers to campaigns that are run by mobile application publishers to attract people towards installing their apps. The average CPI in North America is $5.28 (, 2020).

According to Statista, in August 2020, the Food & Drink related app retention rates declined from 16.5% on Day 1 of app installation to 3.9% on Day 30.

The Cost Per Action (CPA) metric is the average amount you’ve been charged for a conversion from your ad. ADCostly‘s data shows that the average CPA of app installations in 2020 was $1.7, of which the average CPA of gaming app installations is $2.1, and that of non-gaming app installations is $0.7. The major problems in front of mobile app marketers are building and retaining your mobile customer base.

So, let us ask you a question: How many users do you intend to have at the end of Day 30? How many mobile app customers do you have at the end of 30 days? What do you do to retain your mobile app customers? Are your plans working?