Voice of the Customer (VoC)


To Challenge, Win, and Rule in the new Customer Experience (CX) turf businesses need to listen, analyze to understand, and act on VoC across channels to deliver exemplary Phygital (Physical + Digital) Customer Journeys.

Reciproci helps your business and you scope, fortify, and better your customer’s Phygital Experiences with customised recommendations based on Deep Data Analytics.

  • Automate insights and drill down to real interactions.
  • Understand the Business Impact to prioritise Initiatives.
  • Skim Business Intelligence out of Social Chatter.
  • Accommodates listening and interacting at a large scale.
  • Pair Phygital VoC with Operational solutions and measure them.
  • You may also integrate your Contact Center Flow with the VoC Flow to add a Human Touch.

Reciproci’s VoC feature helps businesses comprehend the needs and wants of their customers. This process captures everything that prospective or existing customers are saying about a business, product, or service and bundles the inputs into an overall brand’s frame of perspective. Our clients use the VoC feature to envision the chasm between customer expectations and their actual experience with the business.