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A note from the Creator Biplove Belwal

Zeitgeist is a concept from German philosophy, meaning “spirit of the times”, an invisible force dominating the characteristics of a given epoch in world history.

For hypercompetitive and VUCA global businesses of our times, this Zeitgeist is Experience Commerce (XpC).

There is no instant formula for excellence in XpC. It is a stepwise journey, based on principles of Know Your Customer (KYC), Own Your Community (OYC) that eventually leads to SYC (Scale Your Commerce). Unfortunately, it is a sequential set of steps. But each step brings in tremendous power of compounding to the final XpC results.

Many businesses have already sprinted ahead, embracing innovative technologies. Others are sitting on the fence- evaluating, analysing, waiting, debating…For, there will always be proponents and sceptics, when the invisible force starts being felt in our workplaces!

Here is my little take on Zeitgeist: Tales of Experience Commerce!

Meet the Characters



  • Mobi is a junior level executive, and has an excellent education pedigree. His mandate is to drive new initiatives in his organization.
  • Mobi is a mobilizer: He brings in new ideas through his network, researches emerging trends and is very thorough with his proposals– “Master, let’s go for it now. The future is promised to no one”
  • Mobi is polite, defers to power, overleveraged financially and so needs to keep his job.
  • Innovative 85% 85%
  • Confidence 50% 50%
  • Ambitious 90% 90%
  • Inquisitive 100% 100%


  • Dino is an experienced senior manager, and a conservative decision maker “Itself a decision, not taking a decision is”
  • He has learnt the ways of the business the hard way. Because he has been around in this organization for a long time and has been moderately successful, he is fiercely protective about his turf. He is sceptical about new ideas and new generation of “tech-obsessed noobs”
  • Dino greatly overestimates his understanding of the world, so much so that he has his own distinct diction.
  • Conservative 90% 90%
  • Dominant 95% 95%
  • Confidence 95% 95%
  • Risk Tolerance 30% 30%

Snippets from the Corporate Realm

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Published on: 5/6/2020
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Published on: 19/5/2020
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Published on: 29/4/2020
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Published on: 16/4/2020
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Published on: 2/4/2020
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