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Embracing the Experiential in Retail

Staying relevant is the most important aspect of business today. If you loose your relevance for your customer, you are forgotten in a moment. The right to cry over loyalty has been long forfeited. Customer experience and experiential shopping is the new “NEW”. Customers today look beyond just transactional relationships, towards positive experiences that yields tremendous value from the company they are doing business with, and in return the company receives ardent fan following of loyal community members. This, however, is directly proportional to the kind of experiences rendered by the company, and how well they were received.

“Customer relationships with brands continue to evolve, based upon changing expectations, and desires, and impacted massively by the speed at which eCommerce develops.”

Customer Experience News

Why The Best Marketing Dollars Are Spent Improving the Customer Experience

Word of mouth has been a major driving or decision-influencing medium since time immemorial. Recently it has become more relevant as millennial have taken it upon themselves to influence buying behavior or needs for people in their 360 degrees. This hold true for other generations as well, there is a surge in recommendations if someone has a good experience, so as a good Samaritan it becomes a moral obligation to share your good/bad experiences. Moreover, these stories from the horses (person who went through the experience) mouth, become the most crucial aspect for others around them wanting to tread on the same road.

“A recent report by Stackla confirms that word-of-mouth recommendations are still by far the most credible source of advertising. Moreover, consumers are three times more likely to view content created by a consumer as authentic and trustworthy, as opposed to content created by a brand.”

Customer Experience News

Home Depot, Sephora top retail mobile app experiences

The researcher’s report suggests that a mobile app should be considered “much more than a glorified mobile site” by offering additional features that add value for omnichannel experiences, not just mobile commerce. Forrester said Home Depot’s in-app messaging center that sends offers, promotions, and design ideas without relying on the more intrusive SMS notification system is a better way to provide more personalized or contextually relevant information to mobile customers based on their interests, purchases and search history.

“Home Depot reported 28% growth in its online sales during Q3 2018 from a year earlier. The retailer attributed that increase to its efforts to create a “frictionless interconnected customer experience” as customers pick up 47% of online orders in stores.”