Single Brand Chain

Single Brand Chain

Do you own a chain of restaurants that are spread across the city, the state, or even the entire country?

And are you heavily reliant on third party food aggregators for order fulfilment? Dreading the hefty sum that you have to pay them for this? Well, you don’t have to.

More often than not, the price that you pay to be available on popular food aggregator platforms is much more than the value you receive from it. And that makes sense. They have a business to run as well.

But here’s the catch. Think about the customers that you’re getting through these platforms. Are they loyal to you? Or are they loyal to the food aggregator platform? If one day you choose to leave their platform thinking that those customers will shop from you anyway, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

We’re here to help you out, with an option that gives YOU more control over your business. Not only do you not have to pay a hefty sum for marketing and delivering your food, the customers you get through this platform stay loyal to you. What’s more? You get to own their data firsthand and personalize their experience according to their behavior.

Reciproci enabled solutions are built by keeping YOU in mind. Some of the solutions that we offer that could help you get started are-

  • Menu Management – A comprehensive menu on one platform that is separated by brands, but unified by the love for food.
  • Order Management – All your orders in one place – easily accessible.
  • Loyalty Programs – To stay on top of your customers’ minds (and in their hearts!) for everything food.
  • An app environment – A comprehensive app environment with dedicated apps for your customers to reach you digitally and for business to cater to the customer orders.
  • Customer Analytics and Insights – Know and own your customers. Use the power of customer insights to segment your customers based on a variety of factors and parameters. Use the power of data to better understand your customers and their preferences.

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