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In today’s highly competitive business environment, customer loyalty is paramount and businesses need to be where their customers are.

‘Born-digital’ businesses are already tech-ready, now physical ones need to one-up their game and enter the phygital landscape. The tech-environment at Reciproci enables app based ecosystems laden with features such as QR based operations, AI & ML, geofencing and an experience cloud infrastructure.

On the customer experience front, Reciproci is a pioneer in customer behavior analytics, multi-channel data collection, gamification and loyalty engine centred around increasing customer lifetime value.

Research shows that Reciproci has emerged as one of the leaders of this space.

Tech enabled digital ecosystem


Customer Experience

Tech enabled digital ecosystem


Customer Experience

Reciproci: Creating New Business Models

Gone are the days when your conventional business idea would be your only business model. With efforts focused around customer lifetime value, Reciproci enables you to create new business models that amplify your customer relationships at multiple stages of the journey. Read more to know how it is done for different businesses.

Single Brand Chain

Born Digital Companies

Multi-Merchant 2.0

Multi-Brand Model

Experience As A Service

B2C Aggregator Model

Super App brings Super Prowess


Where are you on your Phygital journey?

Have you decided to take your business to the next level by exploring the phygital landscape? Let’s create a tech solution curated specifically for your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a Beginner who is just starting to foray into the tech space or an Advanced player with multiple services under your belt, Reciproci has something for all of you!

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Start your phygital journey with us and make your customers stay with you, always



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