Voice ordering

“Genie I really liked what I ordered last time from Restaurant X, can you please reorder the same!” said Alladin.

Your wish is my command, Master, Reordering Now.

We all wished for a Genie, at some point in life, well now we got one, well at least for your preferred foods reordering.

The Voice Channel is emerging at a tremendous rate and is very easy for people to get things done if implementation is right. Brands are leveraging it to drive change in their Consumer’s Behavior and enhance the Customer’s Experience.

Convenience, Coolness and Affordability are the mantra to WIN the Customer Delight Race in this day and age, and Brands understand that, and are investing heavily in this channel, to out-wit their competitors.

Reciproci presents the Personalized Voice Ordering Experience for the end customers of our clients. This feature facilitates Quick accessibility for the end customers through Easy and no Hassles Voice Ordering, leading to an elevated customer experience.

Reciproci: New Business Model

Voice ordering
  • Allows the user to configure their preferred/regular order as a voice command.
  • Provides the ability to easily reorder (through their voice) once the command is set.
  • This makes the ordering process much easier and faster for the user.
  • Compatible with Apple Carplay | Siri| Android Assistant| Android Auto for a seamless ordering experience.

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